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Survivor Golf

Survivor Golf in support of Diabetes Canada

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Fast Rules:

100 Players, entry fee per player $60.00 plus GST

August 17, 2024 - Survivor Golf 20th Anniversary!

Join us after Survivor to celebrate 30 years of Shooters!

Entry open to all golfers of all levels

Each player is guaranteed 4 holes, the first 3 are warm up with eliminations commencing on the 4th hole played

One player then gets eliminated from each hole from each of the groups. The player with the highest score is knocked out. In the event of a tie, a chip off is played on that hole in the predetermined chip off area. The player who is furthest from the hole is eliminated. Eliminated players all pick a prize from the prize tent in order of elimination.

Once all groups are down to one survivor, the players are regrouped into 1 new group.

Each survivor from the original groups receives a gift card from Shooters.

The surviving 2 finalists play a best 2 out of 3 sudden death shootout. The first player to win 2 holes will be declared Survivor and win the grand prize $1000. Second place wins $500.

Team entries welcome.

The first 100 paid entries will be accepted. We cannot reserve spots.

A complete list of rules are available in our proshop.

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